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  • A Perfect NYC Day

    I lived in New York for 11 years,  as a city it is closer to my heart & soul than any other. I am fortunate enough to get back often, I enjoy the city the most in small, but very intense doses. Here is a perfect NYC day, recently spent.

    11 am    Brunch at Diner, Williamsburg

    12 pm    Perusing Brooklyn shops, galleries, street life

    1 pm   Visit to see the very lovely Anne McClain of MCMC in her perfume making studio, Greenpoint.

    2 pm  Ferry ride back to the city.

    3 pm   A spin through the  Chelsea Galleries.

    5 pm  A drink and French Vogue at Peels in the East Village.

    7pm Dinner at Barrio Chino on the Lower East Side.

    9pm  Dancing @ a Handsome Furs show at the Bowery Ballroom

    Photo Documentation Below:

    Ah, Diner How I miss you!

     Anne’s studio, where she crafts all the intoxicating MCMC Fragrances – as lovely and serene as she is!

    The ferry was amazing! My beautiful friend Hana on deck. Us jaded old-timers were as giddy as tourists!

    What could be better than Peels, french Vogue, and an ice-cold cocktail on a hot summer afternoon?

    Capped off the day with a little dance party at the Bowery.

  • Kate Jones and Life on the Water

    Artist and designer Kate Jones of Ursa Major shares a few words about the nautical life.


    "I often wonder how my upbringing of life on a sailboat and life in coastal New England has affected my work.  I had a period when I was first starting out with the line where I played with very literal interpretations of that life- cast seashells, monkeys fist knots, and wedding bands carved to look like old rope. Mostly they were brought on by requests from fellow sailors. I was once again spending a big chunk of time living on the boat. Art imitates life I guess. The work was good and well received but the feeling was too novelty to me, and too predictable. 


    I wanted to break it down to its bare bones and that life's essence. Ultimately my life on the water meant simplicity and clarity- the room to think, uncomplicated views, and functionality.  I may not have been as conscience of it at the time but now, more than ever, I see that ethos in my work. 


    I am reminded of those essential truths everytime I return to the water. I write this sitting on the beach in one of my former water-side homes, Provincetown, Cape Cod. And now, having been almost eight years since I first made those literal interpretations, I feel safe to return to some of those ideas and apply those principles. Having previewed a portion of the newest collection, but still needing to finish the remainder, I find myself once again calmed by the effects of the water and the simplified life of this place and with the sudden clarity to know with assurance where the remaining work is going. 


    Time for a swim."






    All photos by Kate Jones.

  • Travel Books / Books for Traveling [Part 5: Kerrilyn Pamer]


    Our final installment comes from Kerrilyn Pamer, of newly launched CAP beauty - a stellar online resource for natural beauty products. Kerrilyn frequently posts interesting reading on her Instagram feed, so I thought we might ask what she recommends for sunny summer travel reading. 

    "I just finished The Other Language by Francesca Marciano and LOVED it. Short stories usually aren't my favorite, but these so beautifully capture the bittersweet feeling of being from one place while spending time in another. A perfect vacation read.

    I recently read All That Is by James Salter and was astounded at how beautiful it is. 

    The Ruins of California by Martha Sherrill is another perfect one to add to the summer reading list. A fantastic story about a family and all of its peculiarities. Made me want to live in Cali in the 70's."




    Photos by John von Pamer.



  • Travel Books / Books for Traveling [Part 4: Jeremy Dunn]


    Jeremy Dunn and I have spent a fair amount of time geeking out over our shared loves for photography and various forms of printed matter. He spends his time managing content from the North American offices of Rapha Racing, and has published a few awesome zines in his time. Jeremy sometimes helps out with his wife Julie's rad sock company The Athletic, and often Julie and Jeremy can be found biking back roads of Oregon with my husband. He recommends: 

    The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson 

    "Not sure why this always makes it into my bag when I'm heading somewhere. I think it is partly due to the fact that it is a relatively small book, but also because it serves as a sometimes necessary reminder that taking chances when on the road is good. Having a drink (or three) with strangers is good. Having your "plan" fall apart is just part of the adventure. Plus, Thompson's prose never fails to bring out the best writing in myself. Probably it's an emulation thing. One part stream of consciousness and one part rum with a splash of soda."

    Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck 

    "This 1960's depiction of a road trip Steinbeck shared with his poodle Charley and their Airstream trailer always seems to get me. One, because the only way I've ever pictured Steinbeck is in more of a dusty Grapes of Wrath hitchhiker. However, the sheer number of people that he meets and touches on this trip, with his cutesy little dog in tow, makes this one worth it. And who doesn't dream of being able to travel around the country with their dog and an airstream. There is only one thing I have never been able to figure out — Steinbeck talks at length about his morning coffee ritual and its inclusion of his leftover eggshells in the grounds. What's up with that?"



                             JOHN STEINBECK WITH CHARLEY                      



    Jeremy's Portrait by Jake Stangel for the Rapha Continental.