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new Dealtry in the shop, and thoughts on scarves

Two stories about scarves:

1. When I lived in New York, a scarf was my insulator, as necessary as a jacket for dealing with avenue winds that barrel you over and chill you in a "I cannot possibly be warm again ever" kind of way. Once I was running late, no, actually running to work, and my scarf fell into a worst-case-scenario, February snow-slush puddle. Friends: I picked it up and put it back on. 

2. When I moved back to Texas, a scarf was initially the downright opposite accessory. It seemed foolish, like, 'why would I want more fabric on my body in this constant heat,' like, 'am I going to be that person who is trying too hard and is one hundred percent inappropriately wearing this scarf.' It reminds me of an old Shouts and Murmurs story joking about American vs French style: "I will hand an American an Hermès scarf and ask her to tie it somewhere on her body, anywhere but around her neck. A French woman might use the scarf to secure a ponytail, or she’ll knot it loosely around the strap of her Chanel handbag. Sadly, most of my American pupils either use the scarf as a makeshift sling or eat it." But then, I rented an apartment in Clarksville, a classically "old Austin" neighborhood, where people drink wine at lunch, have blooming gardens in the middle of August, and yes -- elegant, austere older women wear scarves. And I realized: I actually just did not know how to wear one (until now!) A scarf is a beautiful object and looks damn good if worn right (and most importantly, if worn with confidence). 

The moral of the story is: sometimes one thing is actually two very different things. Here are some insanely gorgeous Dealtry scarves, handmade in Brooklyn, to fit whatever function a scarf means to you. Shop them here, here, or here.