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Book Lovers / Book Shop

a quote from the beautiful  Monmarte  interview with Erik Heywood, owner of Book/Shop.

“Some people like to read on a screen. Other people need the variety and artistry, the sight, smell, and feel of actual books. They love seeing them on their shelves; they love having shelves for them.

They love taking them along when they leave the house and stacking them by their bedside. They love finding old letters and bookmarks in them.

They like remembering where they bought them or who they received them from. They are allergic to cheap bestsellers; they delight in the out-of-the-way and the rare, the well-made and the hard-to-accomplish. They take care of their books, they hesitate to crack spines. They want to read in a way that offers a rich experience, more than the words only: the full offering of a book. They are particular about covers, they want to surround themselves with poetry.

They can’t pass a bookstore without going in and getting something, they keep a library card and use it.

These are the people I’m working for.”


a few offerings from Book/Shop, i want them all…