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Father's Day

A little piece that I put together for All Plaid Out Last year. I love you Dad!

Things My Father Taught Me: Currie Person

1. The importance & pleasures of generosity.

This lesson was equally imparted by both of my parents, the two most giving souls I know. In our house generosity is a pleasure, an honor, and a way of life, rather than a duty.

2. There are few things more enjoyable than cooking for others.

Just as his own father had done for him, Dad began our culinary education at an early age, and God bless him for it.  My brother and I now both take immense pleasure in cooking for our partners, our families, our friends, and total strangers. I can hardly think of anything I would rather do than share a long beautiful meal with interesting company.

3. A good host never lets a drink run dry.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to attend a party where Dad played bartender, you most likely had an amazing time & hardly remember any of the details.

4. The secret to eternal youth: Never stop learning and never stop moving.

My  My father reads several newspapers cover to cover everyday, listens to recorded Science & History lectures  while driving, and has embarked on language & creative writing classes in his 60s. He also plays golf or tennis nearly every day of the year, blistering 100 degree Texas heat be damned.  In my opinion, it is this intellectual & physical vigor that empowers my father to walk fearlessly into any room, in any country, with people half his age or less, and mix it up with the best of ‘em.

5. A story should get better every time you tell it.

Dad never lets truth get in the way of a good yarn.