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Giving Thanks

This post is in thanks and gratitude to 3 women that have made my transition to Portland this Fall manageable and beautiful.

Julie ///  Who has taken the helm at Austin store with intelligence, grace, enthusiasm and creativity  – worked side by side with me building 2 new Spartan outposts, and taken on more than either of us ever expected, with a big, lovely smile. A talented designer in her own right, Julie has inspired a deeper appreciation of the craft and beauty of textiles.

Rebecca /// Embassador to my new home city, confidant, road trip partner & gateway to wondrous moments in Northwest culture and nature. *Who incidentally dragged me away from my toiling to see this gorgeous exhibit.

Karen /// Tireless and fearless adventurer & friend, giver of more unconditional love than any girl deserves to get (and designer of beautiful, beautiful Japanese inspired robes now available at Spartan!!).

Mottoainai: Lessons in frugality from traditional Japan at the Portland Japanese Garden.

An inspiring collection of 19th and 20th century textiles showcasing the remarkable ability to create garments from whatever materials were on hand (paper, recycled garments, hemp, even wisteria vines) in times of need.