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Cape Disappointment

A few weekends ago, my dearest friend from college called to ask us if we wanted to join him for an impromptu meet-up in Astoria, Oregon.

My immediate thought was hell yes, but then all of the practical considerations of our weekend came to mind and we debated back and forth. We ended up chucking it all, throwing our custom-built car camping bed contraption in the back of our Element and heading up with out any plans other than to locate some amazing oysters.

Our friend rode his motorcycle down along the windy, winding coast from Seattle and we met up on a brisk and sunny afternoon by the docks in Astoria. Our oyster mission was a total failure (story too disgusting to recount), but we ended up camping at Cape Disappointment, Washington, which was anything but. Some times you just have to stare responsibility in the face and say F**K it.