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The Spartan Workspace Tools

A few favorites from the Spartan shop that make toiling away in our various workspaces a whole lot more enjoyable. 


A Sexy Notebook 

We definitely can not get enough of a well-made, sharp looking notebook. A current favorite is this thread-bound, velum-covered, minimal beauty from Japan. The perfect size to transport around for bursts of inspiration.


Tough Guy Scissors

There are definitely sharper and fancier tailor scissors out there, so we use this pair as a good old, knock around, all purpose cutting tool. These guys can definitely take some abuse, and they are just so darn handsome to have laying around. 

Coffee Dripper & Mug Combo

Add some color to the office and make the coffee you like, just the way you like it, one cup at a time. No more burnt pot of bad sludge that has been sitting around for ages. 


A Baller Pen 

This pen is an investment, but I dare you to write with it and not desire one of your own immediately. This is a grown-up pen, but it is definitely not stuffy. Lovely glossy colors won't get lost on your desk or in your bag. Treat yo self. 

Endless Notepad

Lists make the world go round - and this is a very fun analog alternative to your glowing screens. 


A Planter & Plant 

Not as much of a tool for work, as a tool for sanity. A plant is pretty, quiet, oxygen prodcuing and needs so little from you. The perfect workmate.