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A Perfect NYC Day

I lived in New York for 11 years,  as a city it is closer to my heart & soul than any other. I am fortunate enough to get back often, I enjoy the city the most in small, but very intense doses. Here is a perfect NYC day, recently spent.

11 am    Brunch at Diner, Williamsburg

12 pm    Perusing Brooklyn shops, galleries, street life

1 pm   Visit to see the very lovely Anne McClain of MCMC in her perfume making studio, Greenpoint.

2 pm  Ferry ride back to the city.

3 pm   A spin through the  Chelsea Galleries.

5 pm  A drink and French Vogue at Peels in the East Village.

7pm Dinner at Barrio Chino on the Lower East Side.

9pm  Dancing @ a Handsome Furs show at the Bowery Ballroom

Photo Documentation Below:

Ah, Diner How I miss you!

 Anne’s studio, where she crafts all the intoxicating MCMC Fragrances – as lovely and serene as she is!

The ferry was amazing! My beautiful friend Hana on deck. Us jaded old-timers were as giddy as tourists!

What could be better than Peels, french Vogue, and an ice-cold cocktail on a hot summer afternoon?

Capped off the day with a little dance party at the Bowery.