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The dilemma: how to make your rental house feel like home without sinking a bunch of dough into a property that you don’t own, and might not continue to reside in for all that long. Our new house is very sweet, but definitely does not feel like “us” yet. We decided that a quick fix to appease my need to renovate is to switch out the lighting.

I was inspired by a cover of one of my FAVORITE magazines that I happened to pull out of a box just as I was pondering what lighting might suit our little bungalow. George Nelson it is, for the dining room.

Step two was a quick fieldtrip to School House Electric, where the very smart and kind staff helped me select a fresh, white porcelain pendant for the kitchen, called the Albax (it is also available in a very sexy black). Hopefully Mr. Albax will play nice with the porcelain keyless lampholders ( $2 at Home Depot), and silver topped bulbs – a trick I learned from very talented designer, Elena Frampton, of Curated – I am lucky enough to get to crash at her Brooklyn pad from time to time.

And finally, for above the couch, a piece I spied at Nightwood‘s Williamsburg shop. A copper beauty that can swivel wherever you may need the light.