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On Susan Sontag: reading and rereading

Every so often it's refreshing to return to the essays of Susan Sontag, whose writing (to me) is one one of those that deserves to be revisited, and each time feels newly significant.



These pieces from Brain Pickings are a great place to start.

On Beauty vs Interestingness,
Beauty is part of the history of idealizing, which is itself part of the history of consolation. But beauty may not always console…

On the creative importance of boredom,
Most of the interesting art of our time is boring

On writing,
Words have their own firmness. The word on the page may not reveal (may conceal) the flabbiness of the mind that conceived it. > All thoughts are upgrades — get more clarity, definition, authority, by being in print — that is, detached from the person who thinks them.